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16 Big Dogs That Think They Are Little Lap Dogs

“If it fits, it sits,” that’s what these big doggos must be thinking. Check out these big dogs that think they are lap dogs.

If you have a bigger than lap dog, you’ll love these 16 funny pups trying to squish themselves onto their owner’s lap.

1. When you’re too diva to walk on grass.

Image Credit: IG| the.great.dames

2. Best friend and traveling table.

Image Credit: IG| thefozzball

3. There is a human under all that fluff, we swear…

Image Credit: IG| huddybearhooch

4. Who sayz I’m too big?

Image Credit: IG| letsboopsnoots

5. Are you comfortable? Because I’m comfortable…

Image Credit: IG| 2_tails_of_adventure

6. Perfect position for belly scratches.

Image Credit: IG| bigfluffsamson

7. I’ll love you and I’ll squish you little human.

Image Credit: IG| selorton

8. And, that’s how the chair broke.

Image Credit: FB| Amanda Novy-Martin

9. When you can’t move until the dog wakes up.

Image Credit: IG| npvdh

10. My eyes may adore you and my body fits on you.

Image Credit: IG| cooper.weller

11. There’s always room for yellow.

Image Credit: IG| maniak80

12. Nothing to see here.

Image Credit: IG|

13. The pup that needs more than one lap.

Image Credit: FB| Donna Jacobs

14. When mom is more comfy than the bed.

Image Credit: IG| blazeltonthebordercollie

15. See, I can kiss you better from here.

Image Credit: IG| samson_and_emmy

16. The floofiest lap lover.

Image Credit: IG| dotty_theportie

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