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2-Year-Old German Shepherd Sweeps Up His Own Dog Fur And So Much More

Have you ever wished you could teach your German shepherd how to clean up their own mess? Or, how about you never have to sweep up any more dog fur because your doggo does it for you?

Well, dog trainer Linda Riley and her 4-year-old son own a German shepherd named Baron that cleans the house!

Baron is a 2-year-old German shepherd who loves to learn and is eager to please. The active pup has been in training since the first day he moved into his forever family home. Since then, the smart pup has accomplished learning many things.

Perhaps the most envysome is that he knows how to help clean the house and do chores. He can fill the dishwasher, sweep his own fur off the floors, dust, load and unload the washing machine and dryer, turn off the light switches, and brings mom his dinner bowl when it’s time to eat.

The amazing pup is also trained in personal protection so he keeps his family safe and is best friends with Linda’s son, Alexander. The boy and his dog spend lots of time together and of course the pup also helps Alexander with his chores.

Baron helps Alexander pick up his toys, keep the toilet seat down, and helps him keep his room clean. The more time the two spend together, the stronger their bond grows and Baron loves helping his little human and playing with him. It’s truly a sweet bonding time for the two friends.

Baron of course is much more than a chore dog, he’s a loving member of the family. He loves nothing more than to be with his people and goes on outings with them. Since he’s a German shepherd, he’s ever watchful and keeps an eye on Alexander and Linda when they are out and about, not letting strangers get too close to his human family.

Baron has lots of energy and is a very busy dog. He loves to play from sun up to sun down and is also very loyal. He spends much of his time looking after Alexander at home and is a source of never ending joy for the family.

Baron loves his people and his mom says she has no doubt that he would protect them with his life. Alexander says he “loves Baron, he is his best friend.” No doubt. What a lucky pup and boy to be able to share such a special friendship.

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