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3,000 Stray Dogs Now Call This Wonderful Shelter Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to help thousands of stray dogs, in reality, this is what it would look like…

The dog-loving Hsu family in Taiwan decided to dedicate their lives to helping as many stray dogs as possible. Since Taiwan has a huge homeless dog population, they took their love of dogs and put it into action. They now help as many otherwise homeless dogs as they can.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary

Currently, they house 3,000 stray dogs in their huge shelter called Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary. The shelter is packed with dogs of every shape, size, and color. What all the dogs have in common is that they are now well cared for.

Each day, the family and a large number of dedicated volunteers spend many hours taking care of the dogs housed there. Every day, they must feed, water, groom, provide medical care, clean kennels, walk and love on the dogs. As you can imagine, it is a lot of work caring for this many animals but the happy faces on the dogs are worth it.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary

There is never a shortage of stray dogs in Taiwan. The main reason was that the country outlawed the execution of them. While that is wonderful that they place such a high value on dogs, sadly more and more dogs find themselves living on the streets.

Fortunately for some of the dogs, a benefactor donated a large building for Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary so they can house many of them. However, the sanctuary doesn’t only provide shelter, they also work hard on building public awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary

Along with the Hsu family, there are many kindhearted people involved in running a sanctuary of this size. Veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, kennel cleaners, and builders who design wheelchairs and other accommodations for disabled dogs are all part of the endeavor. They also of course try to find them forever homes.

It takes many donations and volunteers working round the clock to operate a shelter of this size. It takes faithful funding in the form of donations from the local community to keep it running. For all their hard work, each day they are greeted by 3,000 thankful dogs that have a roof over their head, regular meals, and lots of love.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary

We hope you enjoyed the video of this amazing dog sanctuary. You can also check out their Facebook page. Please help them spread awareness by sharing with your friends. It’s truly a wonderful thing that they are doing for all the animals.


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