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45 Animals That Needed Human Help And Got It

Animals can bring out the best and worst in people. Those that are involved in rescue, are some of the kindest people on earth. Those that abuse helpless animals, are lowest of the low. Some people will stop and help, while others turn a blind eye.

It is unfathomable that people can be so cruel. Thankfully, there are people who truly care and will go to great lengths to save an innocent animal’s life. For example, these are the people who stop when they see a dog hurt on the side of the road, will ensure abandoned kittens are taken to safety, or help to find new homes for abused animals.

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Sadly, for those looking, there is always an animal in need. There seems to be no end to the suffering many animals endure. However, this is also the thing that keeps rescuers going, that the animals do need them, and they save many lives.

Take the animals in this video for example. While not every one of them was an abused pet, plenty of them are. What they all have in common is that they needed human kindness to survive, and a person provided it.

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There are plenty of examples but some of them are heart-melting like the man that stopped on the side of the road to rescue a sweet, abandoned dog and her puppies. Surely, without help, they would not have survived. Her only crime, having puppies because her owner didn’t spay her.

Then there is the horse that was so neglected by her owners that her hooves looked like long overgrown horns. Once safe, her human rescuers tenderly care for her by giving her a shower and carefully removing her painfully overgrown hooves. Their payment, her eventual freedom to run again.

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The dog saved from the rubble of a bombing is especially touching and proof that miracles do happen. Despite the grim outlook of the situation, the rescuers didn’t give up hope and kept digging through the rubble until they find the pup alive.

And, then there’s Tarzan, a nearly drowned kitten wrapped in twine that was seconds away from death. Despite how terrible the kitten’s plight seemed, a kind veterinarian tried to save his life, which he did.

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There are many more examples of humans saving animals, forty-one more than mentioned here to be exact. Some of them are harrowing and not to be missed. All of them are so sweet they will touch your heart.

When you watch the video, your faith in humanity will be restored and hopefully, you’ll walk away feeling a little happier, knowing that there was a happy ending for these animals. We hope you enjoy the video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.