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9 Puppies Found In A Sealed Box That Was Abandoned On The Side Of A Road

Shocked by what they saw, these rescue workers thought they had seen it all but this time the cruelty of what they found broke their hearts.

Dog rescue is not for the faint of spirit. It takes a special person to go out and save unwanted dogs day in and day out. Picking up the dogs is just the beginning. After the dogs are picked up, they are usually housed, vetted, and fostered before eventually finding their way to their new home.

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When DAR Animal Rescue in Greece got a call letting them know that these nine puppies were abandoned on the side of a road, they immediately drove to the scene. But what they saw once they got there was “unbelievable.”

Not only had someone dumped the very young puppies, but they had also put them in a cardboard box and then taped it shut. There was no doubt that whoever dumped the puppies intended to kill them.

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Thankfully, the rescue team was able to open the box before it was too late for the puppies. They then took the entire box of them to safety, where they could also receive food and water as soon as possible.

Once out of their box, the adorable black and white puppies gobbled up their meal. They were hungry and it has been a while since the last time they ate. Watching them eat their food even though their scared, it’s impossible to imagine the level of cruelty it took to leave them on the side of the road to die.

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Other than being tired and hungry, the puppies seemed to be in pretty good shape all things considered. They seemed a little nervous but glad to be safe, fed, and out of their box. Once they began to relax, they even began to sniff around their new temporary home.

They are far too young to be on their own so without the rescuers, there was no hope for them. Thankfully, someone discovered them and got them the help that they desperately needed to survive.

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The little pups will live in a warehouse until they can find them their forever homes. The rescue is overcrowded and working as hard as they can to help as many dogs as possible. Please share their story with your friends.

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