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A Dog Is Heartbroken Over Being Separated From The Cow That Raised Him

It is impossible to watch this video and walk away believing that animals don’t share special friendships with other animals.

A little red dog named Rookie is heartbroken because the cow that raised him is taken away from their home due to financial reasons. It seemed the family had no choice despite that the dog was inconsolable over the loss of his best friend.

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Rookie couldn’t stop crying over his cow friend and even shed real tears. His soulful cries are heartbreaking to listen to. The dog is in mourning over his friend and doesn’t understand why they can’t be together like they’ve always been.

Rookie was so desperate to be reunited with his friend that he ran away searching for the cow. Fortunately, the cow was being housed at a stable nearby, so Rookie didn’t have too far to go and got there safely.

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To see his happiness over being reunited with the cow again is heartwarming. He’s so happy that he can’t contain his joy and wiggles all over the place. The cow is equally happy to see him and even lays down to snuggle with the little red pup.

But sadly, their sweet reunion was not meant to be. The cow still had to leave only this time; Rookie was more distraught than ever over losing the cow the second time. He became so depressed, that he even refused to eat.

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His heartbreak touched the heart of his owner who decided that the cow would stay. Somehow, they would make it work for the sake of Rookie. They just couldn’t stand by and watch the little dog suffer any longer.

So, they returned the cow to their farm where Rookie and the cow were reunited. The two of them were very happy to see each other again. Rookie was over the moon that his best friend was home for good this time.

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We’re so happy that these two got to have a happy ending. Their friendship is so special that not even hard financial times could keep them apart. We hope you enjoyed their heartwarming story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.