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A Dolphin Makes Friends With Two Dogs Who Are Out Boating With Mom

When these two pups went boating off the coast of Georgia, they were thrilled to meet a new friend.  Despite their excitement, they didn’t get to play because their new buddy lives in the sea!

When Magen Peigelbeck took her two pups, Miles and Stanley, out for a ride on their boat, she had no idea the two friendly pups would make a new friend while out enjoying the water.

The trio was boating in a river near the coast of Georgia when a dolphin came up to their boat.  The dogs immediately noticed the bottle nose and went to the edge of the boat to get a closer look.


The dolphin was equally intrigued and seemed to want to meet the two pups.  The dolphin swam alongside the boat while the dogs gazed down into the water.  The dolphin then started bobbing in and out of the water seemingly wearing a huge grin as if to say, good day mates!”

The dogs barked back, “ruff, ruff,” greeting their new pal.  The animals were captivated with each other and clearly were enjoying the encounter.  Peigelbeck said the dolphin ignored her much of the time but it didn’t hurt her feelings. She loved watching the magical moment take place between her dogs and the gorgeous dolphin.

“The dolphin was having a great time, there to see the dogs, clearly. [He] had no interest in me!” she said.


Peigelbeck and the dogs have never seen a dolphin out on the water before.  The few times they’ve been boating since, the dolphin didn’t reappear.  Her dogs have been on the lookout for their new friend but it remains unknown if they’ll ever see it again.

“We have been out on the water for years and never experienced something like this.” Peigelbeck said. “Very special.”

It truly was a magical moment that they all got to share out on the water that day.  Please share this special encounter with your family and friends.

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