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A Hungry Puppy Is Found On The Train Tracks Searching For Fallen Grain To Eat

Train tracks are no place for a tiny puppy yet this one is lured toward danger by the promise of food.

A starving puppy is searching for grain along the train tracks. Thankfully, someone notices the young pup searching for food and decides to try to help the helpless little one before it’s hit by a train.

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The puppy is terrified but even then, still very adorable. Lured by some food, the puppy gets closer to the person trying to help it. Finally, it is picked up and taken to safety where it eats its first meal in what appears to be a long time.

With a full belly, the bouncy puppy starts to relax a little. Still scared but willing to try to make friends with the rescuer who was kind enough to stop and pick it up.

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Finally, the puppy allows itself to be petted for the first time. But even then, its tiny ears shake in fear that no sweet little puppy should be feeling.

All puppies should be safe and feel nothing but love. It’s hard to imagine how a tiny, cute puppy such as this one ends up all alone living by the dangerous tracks.

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Was this little pup an unwanted pet that was dumped? Did it wander off and get lost? Was it part of a pack of dogs that left it all alone? Those questions will never be answered but thankfully the little dog is safe and fed now.

It’s so heartbreaking to see any innocent animal just trying to survive on its own but when it comes to puppies, it’s so much worse. They are so cute and innocent and without help, really have no chance when trying to make it on their own.

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There is such a great need with so many dogs needing homes. Thankfully many people try to help.

Please spread the word and spread awareness by reminding people how easy it is to save a life by sharing this article with your friends. All the dogs thank you.