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A Paralyzed And Pregnant Dog Rescued From The Middle Of The Street

When DAR Animal Rescue received a call about an injured dog laying in the middle of the road, nothing could have prepared them for the heartbreaking situation they’d face when they got to her.

It was a cold and rainy night when DAR got the call that a brown and white dog was laying in the middle of a street. They quickly rushed to the dog’s aid. When they got there, cars were whizzing past the poor dog.

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When they arrived, the dog lifted her head but didn’t stand up. They knew they needed to get her out of the road as soon as possible so they quickly got a kennel to put her in. But they still didn’t know the extent of her injuries or how she would respond to them.

The poor dog tried to stand, but it was impossible for her. Despite her pain, they had to get her into the kennel right away because the traffic was still passing by, and it was dangerous for all of them.

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Thankfully, they were able to get her into the cage and a passerby helped lift her into the rescuer’s car. They took her straight to the vet where they learned she was paralyzed although she was found to have no broken bones. But they also got a huge shock, the dog was pregnant!

Sadly, the dog gave birth twenty-four hours later but her four puppies didn’t make it. She was very weak, including her heart, but she had to get stronger and that would mean trying to get up to walk right away.

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Eventually, she was well enough to leave the vet and go to the shelter, where they’d continue her therapy. Her rescuers were committed to her continuing her exercises so that she would hopefully one day walk.

Despite all the dog had gone through, she never gave up. She kept trying to stand and little by little, began to improve under the loving care of her rescuers. Then one day a couple of months later, she began to feel her legs!

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Happily, she was finally able to stand on her own. She was such a brave girl and all her hard work paid off. She was a fighter and because of that, her quality of life would just keep improving.

She was lucky to get such a happy ending thanks to the kind people who helped her every step of the way. We hope you enjoyed her survival story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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