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Abandoned Puppy Cried For 3 Days Before A Rescue Found Him

When they got the call about an abandoned puppy, the rescue was told the dog had been crying in pain for three long days.

Knowing the poor dog was suffering, Paw Squadron immediately went looking for it. They searched all day before they finally spotted the little tan and white dog in a vacant lot filled with trash.

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He was half in a trash bag and covered in his own filth. But they got him safely in the car. As they examined him, it soon became clear that he was dehydrated and had an injury and he couldn’t move his shoulder or leg.

They felt for the little guy. No puppy should have to endure what this little one did. Was he orphaned by his mother or dumped by cruel people? We will never know. What we do know, without rescue, the puppy wouldn’t have lasted on his own much longer.

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The rescue shared the only food they had on them with the starving puppy. Once he had a little food in his belly, they hit the road and began traveling three hours toward the pup’s new life where he’d be safe and loved.

Despite the puppy’s fear, he finally slept. Once home, the little puppy began to relax and wagged his tail for the first time. He had a bath to remove the filth and the adorable puppy seemed to love being cleaned up.

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But all this love and attention is exhausting for a tiny pup. Soon he was fast asleep, wrapped snuggly in a blanket. Probably the first time sleeping indoors where it was safe and warm, and breakfast would be waiting.

In the morning, the cute puppy gobbled up his breakfast. Despite all he had been through, he seemed healthy but still needed a vet to confirm that he was okay. Once there, some good news was delivered, his leg and shoulder would heal on their own.

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The sweet, abandoned puppy was so cute and turned into an adorable pet super quick. He was loving his new life and soon had a puppy friend, too. Nothing could be sweeter than this little guy and we’re so happy that Paw Squadron saved him.

We hope you enjoyed his sweet rescue story. There is such a huge need for willing fosters and rescuers. They are all heroes. Please share his sweet story with your friends.

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