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Abused And Abandoned Puppy Mill Dog Is Rescued Just In Time

A recently pregnant puppy mill dog is found abandoned once she served her purpose. Hurt and alone, she had little hope in her eyes. Fortunately, someone cared enough to stop and help her, but will it be enough?

Rescuers from the Asher House pick up the dog who is clearly scared and confused. Suspected she’s been abused; her situation immediately touches the heart of the person who came to help her and bring her to safety.

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Emotionally shut down and not able to trust, the dog they name Lucy is so scared that she doesn’t want to leave the safety of the car. She had to be picked up and carried inside so they can determine what condition she is in.

Too afraid to look in their eyes, she is closed off, so she lays down and appears to just be waiting for whatever terrible thing is coming next. Thankfully for this dog, nothing terrible will ever happen to her again.

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She is offered her first meal, which she finally accepts after lots of encouragement, love, and praise. Even though she ate her food, the heartbroken dog is nervous and unsure of her situation so they do the best they can to comfort her and stay with her even though she moves away.

The next day, it’s time to get up and go outside. But even that is a challenge due to her fear. But once outside, she perks up when she meets some other dogs who immediately want to protect her and gather around to surround her.

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After meeting the other dogs, she is still scared but it’s as if she realizes that she is safe. She begins to want to go outside on her own to be with her new dog friends. After a few days, she starts to come out of her shell and even goes on a pack walk with the rest of the pups.

Lucy Bear is now on the road to recovery emotionally and physically. Never again will she be abused and forced to endure terrible living conditions. After about a week, she starts to trust her rescuer too.

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Such a happy ending for this beautiful dog. From being on the brink of completely shutting down to enjoying life with people and dogs who care about her, she is finally happy. We hope you enjoyed her beautiful story, please feel free to share it with your friends.

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