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After Raising The Dog For A Year, Woman Discovers Her Dog Is A White Fox

Trying to be a caring person, a woman took in a little white puppy that needed a home. But slowly she became aware something was amiss. However, nothing could have prepared her for the real truth.

When Wang saw the adorable white puppy, her heart went out to it, so she took it home. She fell in love with the little pup and treated it with the utmost love and care. However, as her puppy grew, something didn’t seem right.

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A year later, it became apparent that the puppy wasn’t a usual dog. The pup began to change and even the neighborhood dogs began to become afraid of the little white fluffy pup. Wang said:

“The fur got thicker when it reached three months old,” Wang told American Web Media. “Its face became pointy, and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog. Other pet dogs seemed to be scared by my pet, so I walked it on a leash.”

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When the pup stopped wanting to eat dog food, she knew she needed to ask an expert for help. So, she took the dog to a zoo where she learned that her adorable white puppy wasn’t a dog at all – it was a white fox.

Some unscrupulous breeders had pawned the little white fox off as a puppy, a common practice in Asia. But now Wang had a dilemma, she could keep the fox in captivity or allow it to live the life it was born to enjoy.

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Since Wang loved the fox, she wanted the best for it. But since it was raised as a dog, the fox wasn’t prepared to live as a wild animal. It was decided the kindest thing to do for her little fox was to leave it in the care of the zoo.

Wang was sad but knew she could visit her little friend. Her decision must have been a difficult one since she was so bonded to the fox that she had raised like a pet dog. But love means making tough decisions and she ultimately chose what she felt best for the fox.

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What a hard thing it must have been to leave the zoo with her little fox still there. We admire her strength for making that tough choice and giving her fox the best life possible in that situation.

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