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An Abandoned Puppy Would Rather Hide Than Let Rescuers Save Her

Scared and alone, a puppy turns to an abandoned building in war-torn Ukraine for shelter. Fortunately, someone saw her and called for help, but will she be too afraid to accept it?

Love Furry Friends Rescue in Ukraine got a call about a puppy who had found shelter in a war-ravaged building in Ukraine. Like many dogs abandoned there, her family was probably forced to leave her behind when they fled their home.

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A rescue tried to pick her up, but she was too afraid to let them help her. She was so fearful, that she even bit one of the rescue workers who was trying to catch her. Not willing to give up on the terrified dog, they called for help.

Love Furry Friends, responded to the call and arrived at the abandoned brick building. The structure was falling apart, debris everywhere, and not safe for dogs or humans to inhabit. But they searched the damaged building room by room, looking for the little dog.

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Finally, they found the scared puppy and realized catching her would not be easy. She’s sitting on top of a pile of rubble and trying to jump through a blown-out window to get away from them. She has no idea they are there to help her and she runs back and forth, trying to escape as her rescuers try to block her exit.

Finally, a woman gets out a blanket and gets close to the little dog. She gently strokes her, and the dog just cowers, she doesn’t try to bite but she is shut down. She is starving and thirsty, so the woman takes out a can of food and tries to feed her from her fingertips, but the puppy is too afraid to eat.

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They finally manage to capture the terrified puppy and take her to the vet. They estimate she is only 4 months old and wonders what could have happened to her that made her so afraid of humans.

What her story is we’ll never know. What we do know is that never again will she be abused, abandoned, or starved. The rescue will work with her so that she can learn to trust again. Once she begins to heal, she’ll be adopted into her forever home.

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There are many sad stories about the dogs in Ukraine and the rescues that are doing their best to help them. They need support from people like us so if this story touched your heart, please share it with your friends.

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