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Baby Grows Up With A 125-Pound Dog By His Side

The friendship between kids and dogs is always special. But this one is especially unique because it’s between a toddler and a 125-pound Cane Corso that is about the size of a small pony rather than a house dog.

Drax and the baby are best friends. Fortunately, the dog is a gentle giant because he weighs about one hundred pounds more than his little human brother! The two have grown up together and love to do everything with each other.

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Drax was just a 6-week-old puppy when he joined the family. Soon after, his human mom became pregnant with her first baby. As Drax grew, so did her stomach and he was right there by her side the entire time.

When the baby was born, the two were slowly introduced. The parents carefully watched over the initial introductions and desensitized the dog since Drax is so huge. But happily, they didn’t have anything to worry about because Drax was nothing but gentle with the tiny baby from the very beginning.

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Drax immediately fell in love with the infant. He was always right there, laying at the baby’s feet and watching over everything his little brother did. Not to be left out, he even learned to roll over when the baby did.

Drax reached 125 pounds when the baby turned one. Even though he’s huge, he still thinks he’s a big lap dog. He loves to play with all the baby toys and the baby is happy to share, especially his balls. Because he’s such a good boy, he even gets to go to the park to play and acts like it was built for him, too.

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Drax and the baby shared their first Christmas together and got to meet Santa for the first time while standing side by side. Just one of many firsts for these two special friends. They are so lucky that they can grow up together.

Their friendship is so sweet, and both are adorable. May they have many happy years ahead of them to enjoy experiencing life together. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video, as always, please feel free to share it with your friends.