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Clever Great Dane Knows Exactly What To Do When It’s Time To Take A Bath

Some dogs fight bath time but this Great Dane likes baths so much, he puts himself in the tub and waits for his Sunday bath.

Basil is a gorgeous big boy who looks forward to his Sunday bath. In fact, he likes his spa day so much, when his owner tells him it’s “Sunday” and “bath time,” he walks inside and goes upstairs, and gets himself into the tub.

He’s such a smart dog and obviously enjoys his Sunday baths. He is adorable as he stands in the bathtub waiting for his owner to take off his collar and add the soapy bubbles that will get him nice and clean.

While some dogs hate water and try to run from the bathtub, Basil regally steps into the tub on his long legs with an expression of a dog that knows exactly what he wants and knows exactly how to get it.

With his size, it probably takes his owner a while to bathe him but from the sound of the video, the Sunday bath is a special time they both enjoy. Basil is such a great dog and he makes bath time look so easy.

In fact, this video should be shown to dogs everywhere so they can see how simple and fun bath time can be. Basil is the poster child for getting in the bathtub and deserves a special treat for being such a good dog.

He’s proof that with patience, love, and training, dogs can learn many things and have the confidence to do them-even getting into the bathtub all on their own. He’s such an adorable and smart pup.

Please pass on the video of this adorable pup with all your family and friends.

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