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Dog Adopts A 3-Week-Old Baby Fox After His Mother Was Killed By A Car

When his mother was killed by a car, this orphaned baby fox didn’t have much of a chance. But along came a dog and everything changed.

After its mom was killed on the side of the road in Germany, this 3-week-old fox cub was all alone. Too young to survive by himself, the odds were against the helpless little guy. But fate was on his side that day and someone brought him to a vet.

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The vet found a home for the orphaned fox, now called Dinozzo. He went to live with an animal-loving couple who also had a collie dog named Ziva. The beautiful Ziva immediately began to mother the little fox and nurse him back to health.

The adopting couple, Werner and Angelika Schmaing live in Oberscheld, Germany with Ziva and their other pet, a Bengal cat named Leopold. Even Leopold decided to befriend the little fox and welcome him to their home despite the unlikelihood of the friendship forming.

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As the fox cub got stronger, his friendships with Ziva and Leopold grew. He loved to play and cuddle with his dog and cat adoptive siblings and was fitting right into their home. Dinozzo even learned to use the doggy door.

Dinozzo got strong and seemed to be happy in his home. However, he is still a wild animal that can come and go as he pleases in and out the doggy door. But so far, he seems happy and content to stay with his friends.

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Even though Dinozzo, who can wander away from his home so far, he seems to have settled into the family life where he has people who love him, a dog and cat best friend, and plenty of fun and food.

Only time will tell if the fox eventually leaves the family home but for now, the three animals there share an amazing friendship that warms the heart to see. We can’t help but hope that it never ends.

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