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Dog Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Abandoned On Christmas Eve

People who abandoned their dogs are the cruelest of the cruel. There is no excuse for ever dumping a dog on the side of the road. How a person can turn their back and leave their helpless animal behind is unfathomable.

Captured on surveillance camera, a heartbreaking story unfolded on Christmas Eve. A car stopped on the side of the road and a white dog exits it. Soon, the owner gets out of the car and approaches the dog, who is wagging his tail in happiness.

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His owner takes his dog bed from the trunk and puts it down on the side of the street. The dog doesn’t yet realize what is about to happen and he is just happy to be with his person. Then suddenly his owner runs back to the car and gets inside.

The confused dog runs back to the car and jumps on the door, begging to be let back inside. He circles the car, but no one opens the door. It takes a moment for the car to drive away, with the dog chasing behind it.

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But the dog’s heartless owner simply drives away, disappearing into the night. On Christmas Eve, he left his dog to fend for himself. The sad dog doesn’t know what else to do so he returns to his bed and waits for his owner to return, which of course, never happens.

Fortunately, about an hour later a kind passerby soon finds the dog sitting on his bed and takes him to the vet. The vet calls the RSPCA who scans his microchip and learns that the cute dog is only two years old and has lived in three different homes.

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It seemed no one wanted the adorable pup and he’d repeatedly been abandoned. But thankfully, the RSPCA saw what a nice dog he was and placed him in a boarding kennel, where he will wait for his true forever home.

Understandably, after all, he’s been through, he suffers from separation anxiety, but the shelter staff is working hard on helping him overcome his fears. He gets lots of love and attention and just loves to soak it up.

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His story is hard to watch but a good reminder of how many dogs need our help. There are countless stories like this one. We hope the pupper finds his new home soon and spends his next Christmas with a family that loves him. Please feel free to share his story with your friends.

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