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Dog Stops A Car And Asks For Help When Her Owner Has A Seizure

When her owner had a medical emergency, Clover sprang into action and got her help the only way she knew how.

Hailey Moore was walking her dog one day when she suffered a sudden seizure. She fell on the sidewalk, collapsing in the ice and snow that was piled on the side of the street, her dog Clover by her side.

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The scary scene was captured on a surveillance video taken from across the street. It shows Hailey down on the ground and a distressed Clover trying to wake her up. But, Clover’s nudges are not working. Hailey isn’t moving.

Then a car passes by which seems to give Clover an idea. She runs out into the street and faces traffic. She then stops an oncoming vehicle and elicits the help of the man who stopped to help her owner.

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The man jumps out of the truck, runs to Hailey’s side, and calls an ambulance. It is only in the ambulance that Hailey wakes up confused, she has no idea what happened or that Clover had just saved her life.

The man credits Clover’s quick actions and stopping him for helping to save Hailey’s life and get her the help she needed. He was happy to help, but Clover knew how to lead him to her owner.

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Thanks to the loyal dog and the good Samaritan, Hailey was okay. In an interview with a veterinarian, they discussed what might have prompted Clover to behave the way she did and how she knew how to get help.

Of course, no know knows for sure what Clover was thinking but she sure knew that Hailey needed help and did what she could to get it for her. That makes Clover a hero. Hailey is lucky to own such a loving and loyal dog.

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Dogs are truly remarkable and there are so many stories of their heroism. Hailey credits Clover with saving her life and we’re sure Clover is getting all the treats she desires. We hope you enjoyed their story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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