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Dogs Become Employees Of The Week After Helping Contractor Install Flooring

This fun company is not only going out of the way to make their customer’s dogs more comfortable, they’re making them employees of the week and have gone viral for their effort.

As a flooring contractor, going into the homes of strangers only to begin tearing out old flooring then refurbishing or installing the new flooring can be a little stressful for the customers and their dogs.

Not to mention, the rearranged furniture, disrupted schedule, the mess the entire process makes in the home, and the complete strangers pouring in and out of the house can be a little unnerving to most dogs.

As a dog lover, to try to make the flooring installation more comfortable for the pups, Fred Jr, 3rd generation owner of Stairfaces and Josephsen Hardwood Floors, decided to do something about the stress his services were causing his customer’s dogs.

Josephsen family

What he did was simply genius. Before starting a project, he took some time to befriend his customer’s dogs and then invited the pups to help him with his work. For their cooperation, he rewards the dogs by making them “Employee of the Week,” taking their picture.

One day his son, Dillon, tweeted about it and the adorable Employees of the Week went viral. His original tweet said:

“My dad takes pictures of the dogs at the houses he works on and posts them on his business Facebook page as employee of the week.”

Fred Jr. said:

“I had been doing it a few years before Dillon noticed and decided to tweet about it. The reaction to that tweet going viral was interesting. We had 250+ followers on the day he tweeted it. By the end of the week, we had over 28k followers. Now I believe we have over 32k followers.”

How cool is that?

People now go to the Facebook page just to see who the adorable employee of the week will be while Fred Jr. spreads furry goodness all over town. One person wrote:

“I’m just here for the employee of the week! But if I was a local you would definitely get my call! Floors look amazing and those helpers sure are adorable!”

All this attention has had some people asking whether this Facebook thing was a marketing strategy. Here’s what Fred had to say:

“Our son Dillon just graduated with a degree in Media Studies from Temple University this past December. His specialty? Social Media Marketing. He is currently looking for a job and uses this example in his portfolio.” Now that makes a lot of sense!”

We love this fun story and look forward to seeing many more employees of the week in the future. Please share with your family and friends.