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Dog’s Emotional Reaction To A Picture Of His Brother Who Recently Passed Away

Dog looking at picture of his passed brother

Dogs certainly experience emotion. They obviously show their happiness, sadness, pain, and grief, in their own way.

If you’ve spent any time with dogs, it’s easy to read their emotions. Their emotions give us clues into how they feel about things and bonds us to them even more. For example, when we get home, their wagging tail and marching paws are surely signs of joy, right?

Dog looking on picture of his passed brother 2

Dogs also exhibit emotions toward their doggy friends and form very strong attachments to other dogs in their home. Sometimes, when one dog passes on, the remaining dog suffers the loss and is very grieved by the passing of their canine friend.

Dog looking on picture of passed brother 3

Frank for example recently lost his best doggy friend and brother, Smiff. The two dogs were siblings and spent their lives together. Smiff left for the bridge a while back and Frank misses his companionship.

Of course, Smiff’s human family also misses him a lot, so they decide to hang a picture of him in their home. The picture is very meaningful to them and a reminder of the loving companion that they lost.

Dog looking at picture of passed brother 4

However, it’s Frank who had the most amazing reaction to the picture of all. When he sees the picture of his brother hanging there, he instantly recognizes his brother and companion. He instantly reacts with excitement to the picture.

Frank is so moved by the picture; that he jumps up on the couch so that he can get as close as possible to it. He seems a little uncertain what to think about it but is clearly excited and knows that is Smiff.

Dog looking at picture of passed brother

He moves his nose as close as he can tail wagging, he gently barks at it before looking at his human as if to say, “what is this, mom?” He then expectantly looks out the window, perhaps wishing to see Smiff come home?

The entire video is the sweetest ever and certainly a reminder that as much as we miss our dogs when they leave us and that our remaining dogs also feel the pain of loss, too. It’s so nice the family has a picture of Smiff to look at and remember him by.

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