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Dozens Of Abused Beagles Play Outside For The First Time

At first glance, these adorable beagles look like carefree pups playing in the grass. But, these dogs have never played outside before or even known love. It’s their first taste of normal life after being rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia.

“These are dogs that have never touched grass before. They’ve never walked on a leash. They’ve never had a collar. They’ve never had a toy. They’ve never had a hug.”

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For the first time in their lives, the rescued dogs are rolling in the grass and able to enjoy life. They are part of 4,000 beagles that were seized from Envigo, a breeding and research facility in Cumberland.

The US Department of Agriculture found the facility guilty of dozens of heartbreaking violations over two years eventually leading to the seizure of 4,000 dogs, who are now being rehabilitated and will be adopted into loving homes.

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The sweet dogs in this video are now safe at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Northern Virginia. The Executive Director Sue Bell, along with other animal rescue organizations, began the long process to remove and transport approximately 4,000 beagles out of the Envigo facility, where the dogs were being bred for research purposes.

Thankfully, Envigo is now closing for good but now dogs need loving homes. Many will be placed at Homeward Trails, who believe that they will end up with around 200 of them. Happily, for the beagles, that rescue has already received more than 1,000 adoption applications.

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Transporting all the dogs and finding them homes is only part of the work involved in their rescue. Not only do they have to find room for them all, but they also must provide them with veterinary care and socialize them before their adoption.

There are rescues across the United States taking in dogs including in San Diego, California. Lindsay Hamrick, the Humane Society’s shelter outreach and engagement director said:

“Pregnant dogs, nursing litters, and dogs in need of medical care were prioritized for new homes. Those that have been rescued will undergo additional veterinary examinations and have paperwork prepared so they can be adopted across the country. The Humane Society said it planned to help rescue about 300 to 500 beagles weekly until they were all settled.”

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According to Sue Bell, “They’re being dogs. They’re being beagles. And they’re allowed to do that for the first time in their lives. I think it’s been heartwarming for every single human who’s gotten to witness this.”

For more information on what the Humane Society of the United States is doing to help these dogs click here. For more information on what Homeward Trails is doing click here.

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Despite this being a tragic situation, the good news is that the dogs are now safe, and the facility is closed. We hope each pup finds the perfect loving home. Please share with your friends and of course, support the beagles if you can.