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Genius Dog Communicates With Owner Using A Special Board

Labrador retrievers are very smart dogs, they have an outgoing nature that likes to please. Because of this, they are easy to train, but are they clever enough to learn to communicate with their humans?

This red fox lab named Copper did!

Copper is owned by a speech pathologist name Tia Herrell. Tia made the one-year-old dog a soundboard out of wood, buttons that record messages, and Velcro. She got to work teaching Copper how to communicate with her.

Soon, the uber-intelligent dog learned how to communicate with Tia using her special board. When Tia asks Copper questions, Copper runs to her board and thoughtfully chooses her answer by tapping on the button that will relay what she wants to say.

Copper can ‘speak’ using forty buttons that communicate her needs to her family. She can ask for treats, to go for a walk, to be let outside, and even what toy she wants to play with. Like all water-loving dogs, she even asks to go outside to play in her kiddy pool.

In the adorable video, it’s clear that Copper has mastered how to tell her owner what she wants. If she wants to play ball, she presses her ball button. If she wants a specific toy, she presses the appropriate button. When she wants her little human sister, Savannah, she asks for her, too.

When her mom, Tia, asks her multiple-choice questions, Copper picks the answer she desires. It’s amazing to watch the dog communicate exactly what she wants and needs with her humans.

The soundboard has enriched Copper’s life and added an extra special element to her relationship with her family. Although all dogs have their own way of communicating, Copper’s method is incredibly awesome and very exact.

If you’ve ever wished your dog could talk, now you know what to do. Just make them a soundboard and teach them how to use it! We hope you enjoyed watching this genius dog show off her skills. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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