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Golden Retriever Agrees To Nebulizer Treatments So He Can Get Better

Fred’s previous owner didn’t care for him very much. He made him sleep outside and no one cared when he got sick. Even the shelter was better than how he’d been living, which is where he was taken when his owner abandoned him.

The shelter soon discovered the sweet golden retriever was suffering from a serious respiratory disease. But, despite his illness, they didn’t give up on Fred. They began his medical treatment and even found him a new loving home.

But, when Fred arrived at his new home, he was still not recovered. His new family was aware of his health problems and was willing to help the beautiful dog. So, they took him to their vet to see what more could be done to help the pup.

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The vet suggested that a breathing machine would help Fred recover. His new family was determined to help Fred no matter what it took but wondered how they’d get the large dog to wear a contraption and blow mist into his lungs a few times a day.

Surprisingly, Fred was very agreeable to the treatment. He seemed to understand that wearing the mask was in his best interest. And, even though he was just getting used to living with his new family, he allowed them to help him.

Several times a day they placed the contraption on Fred. It was going better than they imagined and soon Fred was having regular nebulizer treatments. He never fought his treatments and seemed to understand that they were important to his recovery.

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Despite his past and all the abuse, Fred had endured, the pup seemed to understand that his family wanted the best for him. He could have been fearful and untrusting, but Fred chose to move on in his new life, which meant placing his faith in a new family.

As Fred’s lungs healed, his soul did too. Now that he was safe and loved, Fred certainly would recover. His new family didn’t mind the time it took to help Fred with his treatments and had nothing but love for him.

Fred never had a loving home but now that he did, things were looking up. Fred hit the jackpot with his new family and will surely show them how grateful he is once he’s better. We hope you enjoy his sweet rescue story. Please share it with your friends.