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Heartless Woman Dumps Her Disabled Dog On The Side Of The Road

Cameras are everywhere. They capture random good and bad moments. Like this security camera that caught a heartless woman dumping her disabled dog on the side of a street.

The video starts by showing a small white car pulling over on the side of a street. Then a woman in a dress gets out and opens the back door. She then gets two dogs out of the backseat of her car.

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When both dogs are on the sidewalk, she then puts the darker dog back into the car and shuts the door. It’s then with heart-stopping clarity that you realize she’s abandoning the small white dog on the side of the road.

The little dog seems to realize what’s happening because it desperately tries to get back in the car. But the cruel woman shoves it away so hard that it stumbles and falls before she gets back in her car and carelessly drives off.

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The tragic scene became even more heart-wrenching because the little white dog’s forelimbs are so deformed that they can’t be used for walking. It’s clear that the poor dog is disabled and can’t survive on the streets alone.

The little dog tries to hop about and search for help but doesn’t get far. Ironically, the woman has no idea that her evil deed has been captured on the security camera. But she probably does know that she dumped the dog on the same street her husband works on.

Later that day, her husband saw the dog on the street and took it to an animal protection agency. The dog had now been abandoned by the two people who were supposed to care for it on the same day.

The husband told the shelter that he found the dog, which they named Tintin. But by then the shelter had been given the video and Ana Paula Scherer posted it on her Facebook page. The video quickly went viral and the woman in it became Internet famous for her cruel actions. The public outcry was huge, and her evil deed didn’t go unnoticed.

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And, neither did Tintin who was eventually adopted by the perfect family who loves and adores him. Never again will he suffer at the hands of his owner, and he now has doggy friends to play with all day. He’s super happy in his new home and they are making up for all the cruelty he endured.

We hope that one day he can forget what happened to him. The outcome of his owner’s crimes is still unknown but at least Tintin is now living his best life. Please share his amazing story with your friends.

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