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Heartwarming Reactions Of Shelter Dogs’ To Being Adopted

Watching a dog walk out of the shelter forever is the most heartwarming thing ever. They seem to instinctively know they are on their walk to freedom and the dark days of shelter life are behind them.

Rescue and shelter workers work tirelessly to help as many dogs as they can. Many take in dogs from high kill shelters or shelters that are at capacity so that they can save as many wonderful dogs as possible.

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The best shelters and rescues work with the dogs to help them overcome behavior problems and evaluate them so that they can be placed in the best homes in hopes to prevent any dogs from having to be returned. However, when they do, they start over to find just the right one.

Joe is doing great work at the Wayne County Humane Society. He has helped many dogs find their forever homes. The impact he’s had on these dogs’ lives is huge and their happy reactions to their new lives are priceless.

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There is nothing more exciting than watching a dog head off with their new family to their forever home. Their excitement is palatable and it’s easy to shed happy tears over the joy these dogs are feeling.

Them leaving the shelter with their new owners is the light at the end of a long dark tunnel for many. Getting out of the stressful shelter environment and into a safe home is a wonderful next chapter in their lives.

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The worst part of working with shelter dogs is when owners leave their dogs behind. Joe allows the dogs to watch their owners leave the building to help them understand. Even though it’s heartbreaking, it helps the dogs realize that their owner isn’t there.

Because Joe has such a kind heart, he spends special time with the new dogs and works hard to help them feel safe and comfortable. He strives to make their transition as painless as possible even though the dogs do suffer emotionally.

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Fortunately for the dogs, he keeps the love and hard work flowing until they find their forever families. He says he can always tell when it will happen because, for most adoptions, it’s love at first sight between the dogs and their new families.

If their behavior as they walk out of the door is proof, Joe is right because the dogs are over the top happy when they finally get to leave with their new owner. That moment makes it all worthwhile. We hope you enjoyed watching these happy endings. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.