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Hero Cat Leads Lost Hiker Down A Mountain In Switzerland

There are many rescue stories about dogs saving humans. But far less common are stories about heroic cats saving people, the way this brave kitty did.

The mountains in Gimmelwald, Switzerland are beautiful. There is an offbeat hiking destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A rustic village near Gimmelwald that is located far from towns, is traffic free and sits on a cliff above the gorgeous Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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Gimmelwald attracts people who prefer getting back to nature rather than spending time at the spa or trendy resorts. The sleepy village hosts some hostels and a couple of chalets but is truly off the grid for the most part.

So when Redditor, sc4s2cg, was out hiking up the mountains one beautiful yet cold day, there was nobody around. He was enjoying the solitary beauty of his adventure when he suddenly realized he was lost.

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He somehow made it to an empty town but the trail leading back to his hostel was already closed off for the season. Not sure what to do or which direction to take, he was truly alone in the wilderness.

But that was when a little hero showed up out of nowhere. A black and white kitty appeared and seemed to say, “follow me.”

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With no other choice but to trust this little mountain guide, the man followed the cat, who led him down the mountain. As the kitty led the way, it would turn and look back every once in a while, to ensure he was still close behind.

With snow on the ground along the trail, the kind kitty led him down the trail and even paused to show him a few things, like a dead mouse along the way. They passed a sign that said the trail was closed but that didn’t stop the cat.

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The pair continued along until finally, they reached the hostel, where he was staying. The two then parted ways but the man had plenty of pictures and a video of their adventure. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. Please feel free to share with your friends.