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Hero Pit Bull Fights Off Shark To Save Owner’s Life

As the life-threatening shark attack was happening, this 100-pound pit bull didn’t hesitate to break out of the car and spring into action to save his owner.

James White of Rohnert Park, California was enjoying the day out fishing off the shore of Bodega Bay in Sonoma County when he felt a strong tug on his line. Not knowing what he had caught, he began to slowly reel it in.

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After about 10 minutes, White realized he had caught more than he bargained for. A 6-foot gill shark was swimming toward him. When it got closer, he tried to remove the hook from its mouth. But the shark got loose and was able to sink its sharp teeth into his ankle, not letting go.

He reportedly told NBC Cay Area, “I believe the only reason I was able to retrieve the line was that it was swimming towards me.”

The bite was serious and had perforated an artery. He immediately screamed to another fisherman for help, but they were too far away. “There was blood everywhere,” White told NBC Bay Area. “There was a lot of pressure.”

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When Darby, White’s pit bull that had been waiting in the car, heard his owner’s calls, he sprang into action. He somehow opened the car door and ran to White. He then began biting at the shark’s gills, but that only caused the shark to bite down harder.

White then had the presence of mind to tell Darby to back off. Darby did but immediately took a different tactic and began to bite the shark on the tail and yank it off White’s leg. White told NBC Bay Area, “Darby adjusted and got it by the tail. He yanked it off my leg as he went up the hill with it.”

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After the shark let go of his leg, White somehow managed to throw it back into the ocean and get medical help. All thanks to Darby’s quick thinking, White said his injury could have been much worse.

We hope you enjoyed this hero dog story. Darby certainly faced a danger that day that he had probably never seen before. Despite that, his quick reactions helped save his owner’s life. Please feel free to share with your friends.