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He’s Timorous, Hiding In A Corner, Put His Head Down To Stay Away From Everything!

When Projeto Orelhinha Dog Volunteers found him lying on the sidewalk with a hole full of maggots on his body, writes xaga

He even didn’t make a move. But when they tried to approach him, he was very suspicious. He couldn’t lift his head to look, a look of Fear. He must have suffered a lot…

They managed to rescue him quickly

“We went to the place and we made a bandage and gave him medicine. He was very anemic but we’ll wait a few days if he doesn’t get better we’ll have to do the blood transfusion. “

They named him Azulão like a the blue bird named Azulão (because he was blue when they found him due to a spray they put on him)

“Go Boy! Everything will be fine, you are a warrior and you will get out of this alive. I’m here now to take care of your wounds, your pain, I’m here to take care of you!!!”

Belly full, medicine taken and dressing done!!! Now it’s time to rest a little bit because later there’s more.

The wound is much better, he’s eating well, taking the medicine right. Everything will be fine and you won’t even need a blood transfusion with faith in God!

Sometimes his mood is very bad. He looks sad and sounds like crying. He suffered a lot so Vets were trying their best to heal his heal and also his soul.

He’s inproving day by day, eating right, taking medication and getting lots of love.They took him to the vet again and his progress is going really well.

He was almost dead but now he’s getting stronger and more beautiful every day. He is such an emotional boy, looking further and thinking about something no one knows.

They rescued him in a very difficult situation but thank God he responded well to the treatment and is much better. He enjoys walking in the sunshine.

“When we rescued him, he could barely stand up, just skin and bones and a huge wound on his neck full of bugs, but now he has a new life, be healthy and be happy!”