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Husky Meets German Shepherd Pup For The First Time And Seems Totally Confused

There’s not much cuter than puppies. Adding one to the family is always so much fun. That special moment when you bring your puppy home for the first time is just so special.

On the day that this German shepherd puppy goes to his new forever home, he arrives in a cardboard box and surrounded by his new family. The pup is adorable and making the cutest sounds.

He’s also captured the attention of his new fur sibling and is certainly making a first impression. The Siberian husky circles the box not quite sure what to make of the cute little interloper.

The husky gets closer and takes a sniff then looks at mom as if to say, “is it staying?” The adorable puppy gives the husky a little lick on the nose but that doesn’t seem to win any brownie points, yet.

The cute but confused husky continues to circle the box, checking out the puppy. Not sure what to make of the puppy yet the fur on his back begins to stand on end. You’ve just got to wonder what the dog is thinking.

Mom and dad are carefully making the introductions and taking their time to be sure their two fur kids are both comfortable with each other. All the while the puppy is whining but certainly doesn’t seem in any hurry to get out of the box.

Finally the husky begins to relax and sits down by mom. He even offers mom a paw. You’ve got to wonder if the dog is realizing that the puppy doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon.

The two dogs are adorable and we’re sure by now they are best fur buds and will have many years of fun together. Please share their cute introduction with your family and friends.