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Injured And Afraid In A Drain, Oaty Shows Appreciation For Rescuers

Animal Aid Unlimited is a non-profit organization from Udaipur, India, where they rescue more than 15,000 injured animals in their area every year.

“Our mission is to rescue and treat owner-less street animals of Udaipur who have become ill or injured, and through their rescue inspire the community to care for the lives of all animals”

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They say that throughout India, domesticated animals including dogs, cats, and donkeys are homeless and receive no care. In their region, most towns and villages don’t have hospitals for abandoned animals. If they are critically injured or extremely ill, most of the animals in these areas will die from otherwise treatable conditions. Conditions such as animals with fractures, wounds, mange, viral diseases, cancer, etc. They also vaccinate against rabies and other illnesses; they help pet owners spay and neuter their pets for free and try to educate the community on the proper treatment of animals.

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an injured, sickly dog who was trapped in a drain and too weak to get out.

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After receiving the urgent call about the sickly dog, who is now named Oaty, a play on the name of the dog from the Garfield comic strips, Odie. Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the scene soon after. The dog did indeed appear to be injured and tried to hide out of fear. He was so afraid and in so much pain he wouldn’t let anyone touch him to rescue him. For their safety and the safety of Oaty, they had to use a net to transport him back to their facility for proper treatment.

As they prepared the medications he would need, to everyone’s shock, Oaty began to relax and show his appreciation for the crew by wagging his tail. He was given an injection of pain medication and had cream applied for his mange and poor skin condition. After he got used to the staff sufficiently enough to be bathed safely, he was given a bath with a medicated shampoo as well to help with his skin conditions. He was given his first meal in what looked like a very long time, and the shy sweetheart he is, he had to be coaxed to eat.

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After several more treatments and meals and lots of care and love, Oaty can be seen at the end of the video with a permanent tail wag that just won’t stop and a big smile. And even better, his fur has started to grow back in and it looks like he’ll make a full recovery!

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