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Judges Can’t Help But Cry Over Emotional Dog Act-On Britain’s Got Talent

Just when you think the judges on Britain’s Got Talent must have seen everything, along comes an act that reduces them to tears….and, it’s over a story about a dog.

When Amanda and Miracle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, no one knew was to expect from the dog and human act. But it wasn’t long into the show that it was apparent that something very special was taking place and it would evoke a lot of emotion from the judges.

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Miracle, a beautiful white dog, came out on the stage, and his owner Amanda showed Simon a stack of cards, each with a picture of the 40 more dogs she had at home. She had him cut the cards into equal piles and pass one of them along facedown to the other judges.

While we’re left wondering what the pictures are for, a video begins to play explaining why Amanda has 40 more dogs at home. As it happened, six years prior, Miracle was part of the dog meat trade. He was found crushed in a cage with over 1000 other dogs seemingly dead.

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When rescuers saw him for the first time stuffed inside the cramped cage, he was hanging partially out of it and they thought he was gone. But, when the camera documenting the tragic scene flashed, he opened one eye.

Rescuers were shocked, it was a miracle he was alive, so they called him Miracle. They couldn’t leave him behind, so they brought him back to Scotland where they loved and nurtured him back to health. But they didn’t stop there, they rescued 19 more dogs making their pack over 40.

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Thankfully, today Miracle is a beautiful, happy dog. And, he got to choose 4 dog friends to bring with him on his appearance at Britain’s Got Talent. But who would those 4 lucky dogs be? Well, the answer shocked the judges.

What happened next was another miracle. The 4 cards that the judges choose were the same dogs that Miracle chose to be on the show. They happily ran out onto the stage leaving everyone watching to wonder just how Miracle pulled off the trick.

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Miracle is a survivor and also full of surprises. A person cannot watch his story and be untouched. It is unfathomable that a dog meat trade still exists in the world today but thankfully, some dogs make it out alive thanks to people like Amanda.

We know that parts of this video are hard to watch but it is also beautiful. We hope that you enjoyed seeing how many dogs have been rescued and that gives you happy feelings. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.