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Kid Reunites With His Dogs After A Long Day At Preschool, Nails Dogs’ Reaction

This little boy nails it when he tells his dad what the dogs will do when he gets home from school.

The little boy goes to preschool a few hours a day and while he’s gone, the two family dogs anxiously await his return. According to their reaction when he finally does get home, they’ve missed their little buddy a lot.

The video begins with dad telling the family German shepherd and their little brown dog that he’s going to pick up the boy from school. In classic German shepherd style, the dog tilts his head and whines at dad, as if to say, “well, hurry up and go get him already.”

The little brown dog is excited, too. Apparently, he’s learned a few things from big brother and tilts his head just like the big dog does. Or, maybe even better but we won’t tell the German shepherd that.

On the way home, dad takes the adorable video of his son. He asks him if he had a good day and asks him if he’s excited about what the dogs will do when he gets home. His response is priceless and it’s obvious he’s missed his doggy friends while he was away at school.

With a huge smile on his face, he tells his dad he’s excited for the dogs to…

“Sniff all over me, and kiss me, and cry, and get my clothes all dirty!”

Finally, they’re home and the kid has nailed it. He walks in and the dogs do sniff him all over, kiss him, and cry in happiness. The video is heartwarming. The love between this family is so sweet.

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