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Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave The Remains Of His Burned-Out Home

When tragedy strikes, dogs often prove their hearts’ loyalty. Such is the case of this dog who refused to leave the place where his home once stood.

When the Camp Fire broke out in Butte County, California, many residents were forced to quickly evacuate their homes, leaving behind some of their most precious possessions, including their pets.

By the time it was contained, the fire had consumed about 154,000 acres and taken 85 civilian lives, livestock, and some beloved pets. Many firefighters and residents were also injured in the blaze.

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Andrea Gaylord was one such resident who was forced to leave her dogs behind. Andrea wasn’t home when the evacuation order was issued and was unable to return to her residence to collect her two Anatolian shepherd mixes, brothers, Miguel, and Madison.

Fearing for the safety of her dogs, days after the fire started, she contacted an animal rescue group called K9 Paw Print Rescue, which was on the ground helping to reunite lost pets with their owners.

A volunteer named Shayla Sullivan quickly got to work to try to locate the two large, white dogs. Happily, Shayla found Miguel right away. He was safe at a shelter located in Citrus Heights, California about two hours away.

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Shayla even drove to the shelter and picked up Miguel so that he could be reunited with his owner, Andrea. But rescuing his missing brother was proving to be a bit more difficult. Where was Madison and was he alive?

Come to find out, Madison was right where he was supposed to be, guarding the remains of his burned-out home. With his once-white fur standing out in contrast to the charred earth, Madison stood sentry, guarding his property like a good boy.

Shayla realized it wasn’t going to be easy to lure Madison away, but she knew she had to try. So, she used food and water to tempt the tired dog, but he didn’t budge. It turned out that he stayed in the spot of his destroyed home until his owner could return to him.

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Happily, the loyal dog was okay and reunited with his owner and brother. Despite all that they lost, all three of them were safe and that is the most important thing. We hope you enjoyed this incredible story. As always, please share with your friends.