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Missing Dog Rings The Doorbell At 3 AM Announcing That She’s Home

Many dogs go missing near the 4th of July but it’s the rare dog that after hours of being lost, do they ring the doorbell to get back inside in the wee hours of the morning.

Although it wasn’t yet the 4th, fireworks were already going off in the Washick’s neighborhood. Worried that their new rescue dog, Rajah, would get spooked, they were scared she’d somehow get out and run away, plus they had only lived in their new neighborhood a short time.

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Apparently, their fears weren’t unfounded because that is exactly what happened. It wasn’t the first time the dog ran away but it was the first time that they weren’t able to chase her down the street and have her back within a few minutes.

This time, eight hours later, they still had no idea where Rajah went. They looked for her for hours yet couldn’t find her anywhere. Distraught, they searched and searched but it was as if she disappeared and they had no idea where to keep looking.

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The couple was upset but since they had no luck in their search, they called it a night. Exhausted, they could only hope that someone would find Rajah since she had tags and a microchip.

But then at 3 am something amazing happened. The doorbell rang, so they instantly thought someone had found their dog and was returning her. They went to the door and when they got there, there wasn’t a good Samaritan waiting to greet them, it was Rajah waiting for them to open the door for her!

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She had somehow found her way home and not only that, was smart enough to ring the doorbell despite never being taught how to do it and primarily being an inside dog plus she lived in a new neighborhood.

Although no one knows how she learned to ring the bell, thankfully she did. Her owners got a good laugh when they watched the door camera video of Rajah bopping the bell with her nose as if to say, “hurry up and let me in!”

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We hope you enjoyed this hilarious story. Rajah is certainly a smart pup to find her way home and hopefully, she won’t be escaping again any time soon. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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