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Mom Makes Her Snow Loving Dog’s Dreams Come True

This cold-loving pup is not a fan of summer, so his mom goes the extra mile to cheer him up.

When it heats up, his spirits fall, and he misses the snow and chilly temperatures. So, his mom tries to collect as much leftover snow as she can and makes him a little pile of it to keep winter with him as long as possible.

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As Storm sits on the deck in Michigan, cozied up with his remaining snow pile, the expression in his sad eyes seems to convey that he knows that his beloved white stuff won’t last forever. Then what is a snow-loving dog supposed to do?

Mom even makes Storm a huge snowball but slowly the ball begins to melt and as it does, so does Storm’s spirit. Winter Storm is happy, zesty, and full of life. Meanwhile, summer Storm is forlorn, lazy, and seems to have lost his mojo.

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But luckily for this dramatic pupper, his mom is determined to make his summer as fun as possible so she comes up with some ideas…

First up, turning the air down to artic to try to freeze Storm back to life. But all that did was chill mom to the bone. Storm couldn’t be fooled. He laid on the floor in despair, not affected by the subzero temperatures happening in his living room.

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So, mom came up with a new idea. She bought him a kiddy pool and went to the store and bought a bunch of ice. She took the ice home and filled the pool. That cheered Strom up a bit. Although he enjoyed playing in his pool, he lacked his usual exuberance. Of course, the ice didn’t last long, either.

But then mom came up with a brilliant solution-she bought a snow machine! As mom puts it together, Storm sits and watches, clearly wondering what’s up but not too impressed. But that attitude was about to change…

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The snow machine works and is soon filling the yard with flakes of Storm’s favorite white stuff. As the snow falls, Storm’s spirit rises and soon he’s back to his happy winter self, enjoying frolicking in the icy goodness it brings.

He’s such a happy pup and it’s one big score for mom. And no worries, the fake snow is completely safe for pups and non-toxic, too. We hope you enjoyed this cute video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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