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Neglected Puppies Have Stomachs So Swollen They Look Like Melons

Two innocent puppies so starved they had to eat dirt suffered horrible effects from their lack of protein. Sadly, one didn’t make it but when you see the survivor, you’ll be amazed at what condition it was able to overcome.

Puppies need a healthy diet and can suffer dire consequences due to neglect. These two puppies were so starved that their stomachs grew the size of melons due to a fluid buildup because of a lack of protein in their dirt diet.

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As more and more fluid collected in their abdomens from their health crisis, the less the puppies were able to move. Essentially, they were starving to death, and sadly, one of the little pups didn’t make it.

Both puppies were taken to a vet, but they were in very bad shape. Their health condition was terrible and despite the vet’s efforts, he was unable to save them both. But thankfully, he didn’t give up on either one until it was just too much to overcome for one of them.

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The surviving puppy they named Banana looked like he swallowed a giant water balloon. It seemed impossible such a little dog could have such a swollen belly. But his gut was filled with fluid from his diet and other health problems.

The puppies cried in pain and their suffering was terrible. It is a difficult scene to watch. The only bright spot was that they were getting help even if one of them was unable to be saved in time.

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Hooked to IVs, the pups began to get the care they needed. It was discovered they were anemic and had too much fluid in their bodies. It looked like they were going to pop when finally, the vet was mercifully able to begin to drain the fluid.

Over and over fluid is pulled from the puppies. You can see their swollen bellies shrink before your eyes. Eventually, their suffering would be over, even if both didn’t get the outcome everyone was hoping for.

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Filled with fluid, and parasites, these little pups were truly hurting when they finally got the help they needed. It’s a miracle that Banana survived. It just proves what a fighter he was to overcome such pain.

It took a while, but with lots of love, tiny Banana got stronger and stronger. His belly finally shrunk, and he was able to walk around again like a normal dog. If a wagging tail is any indication, he’s happy to be alive.

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We’re so glad that Banana is doing well and hope he gets a wonderful home full of yummy food and lots of hugs. He’s overcome so much in his young life and deserves nothing but kindness and love. We hope you enjoyed his survival story. As always, please share with your friends.