Microchips have helped reunite many dogs and humans, but sadly, they’re not always checked right away. A Pit Bull named Harley went missing for eight years even though he had an up-to-date microchip. His family was devastated, but they never gave up hope that their loving dog would one day return.

When someone finally found Harley, the poor pup was severely malnourished with overgrown nails. But despite everything the pup endured, he was still as optimistic and loving as can be. His journey has a happy ending, so it’s a good reminder for families with lost pets to never give up hope.

Missing for 8 Years

In February 2014, Betsy Dehaan let her dogs outside to do their business at her Florida home. When she looked away for a moment, they ran into the nearby woods, and after following them, Harley was nowhere to be found. Harley was only a few years old at the time, and Dehaan hoped someone would find the pup and scan his microchip.

“We searched and posted missing pet posters. We never stopped looking,” Dehaan said.

But sadly, years went by without sightings. Harley was gone for eight years, but his family never forgot about him. One morning, Dehaan was reminiscing about Harley and talking about what a good dog he was, but then, she got an unusual phone call.

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