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Police Respond To Sixteen 911 Calls Made By Two Dogs

Have your dog’s ever gotten into so much mischief when you left the house that the police showed up? Well, these two dogs did.

Remi and Bomber were left alone at their Lakeview home while their owner went to work. They’d been left alone plenty of times but on this day, they got into a little trouble with the local police department.

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The two pups may look innocent but don’t let their adorableness fool you. That day, they decided to pull a prank on the Lakeview Police Department, causing officers to show up at their door.

The dogs called 911, woofed and then hung up. Officers were dispatched to the residence and didn’t see anything unusual but noted two dogs were at home. They were ready to leave since no one answered the door when dispatch notified them of more 911 calls coming from the house.

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All the operators could hear was dog barking, all 16 times the pups called 911. Concerned, officers called the owner at work and were told how to get inside the house through the garage.

They entered the home and found two dogs desiring plenty of pets. A phone was off the hook upstairs, which the dogs had been making their calls from by pressing the redial button.

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The officers asked the pups if they had a potty emergency but that wasn’t the problem. Apparently, they just wanted some attention so they ‘faked’ this pooch of an emergency. The pups insisted they were innocent, so officers decided to let them off the hook and no charges were filed but they did get some pets.

In all seriousness, their owner was shocked that they somehow got the phone and were able to dial 911. How that happened is a mystery but now that the pups know how to get some extra attention, do you think they’ll be calling more often?

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