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Puppy Loses His Mother In A Natural Disaster

Adding insult to injury, after this young puppy lost his mother in a disaster, he was treated poorly by people who could have helped him.

Sadly, many pets are killed, injured, and displaced when a natural disaster strikes. It is difficult to help them all when the human toll is also great. But fortunately, some heroes rush in to save as many pets as possible.

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This little puppy was a victim of such a disaster. After losing his mother, he was all alone and terrified. The people who could have helped overlooked him and treated him badly. Which added to the trauma he already experienced.

Fortunately, rescue workers did hear his cries amidst the rubble and found this adorable pup. He was very young and so scared that he couldn’t stop crying. He recoiled in fear and moved away from the hands that wanted to help him, as though they too wanted to cause him harm.

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It was clear the little puppy would not survive without being rescued but was so fearful that he had a hard time trusting the people trying to save him. But finally, they could pick him up and carry him away from the demolished place where they found him.

As soon as they could, he was given fresh water. For the first time, he began to wag his tail in appreciation. He was then taken to a shelter where he initially was so afraid that he just hid by himself in a dark corner.

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The little puppy was not only adorable, but he was also resilient. Soon he was eating, drinking, and exploring the shelter. Then he gained the courage to explore and play in his new home. He seemed to realize he was safe there.

When he was comfortable enough, he got his first bath to remove all the dirt he collected during the disaster. Once clean and dry, the cute little guy transformed into a fluffy ball of puppy sweetness.

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His little face will melt your heart and surely, he will find a forever home soon. He’s pretty irresistible and will become the perfect best friend for a family lucky enough to adopt him. All thanks to the kindness of the Puppies Cottage Rescue Center.

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