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Rare Chocolate Brown Husky That Looks Like A Wolf Enraptures His Fans

If you love unusually beautiful dogs, you will love this stunning guy. His name is SeQuoi Tenk and he is a chocolate brown Siberian Husky that looks like a wild wolf. SeQuoi Tenk or Quoi for short is absolutely striking and gaining popularity.

It’s no wonder he has so many fans, now over 50 thousand of them. He’s gorgeous and along with looking like a wolf, he is living a nomadic life. He’s currently traveling the lower 48 United States with his fur mom, Nikki. Nikki is documenting their adventure on Instagram and posts amazingly beautiful pictures.

You might wonder if Quoi is a pure husky but mom assures his fans that he is. Not only does he sport a gorgeous chocolate coat, he has stunning blue eyes that seem too be able to look past the camera lens and right into your soul.

Just like his appearance, his name is also unusual. He was named after a sequoia tree. According to Nikki:

Nikki tells My Modern Met. “They say a name can really shape a personality, and I wanted him to be big, tall, and strong like a sequoia tree is.” She continues, “Tenko is Japanese for ‘heavenly fox,’ and as much as I wanted him to be strong, I also wanted him to be sweet, which he totally is!”

Siberian Huskies are a medium size working breed and have lots of endurance. They were bred to be able to travel over great distances and carry weight. Because of their athletic abilities, they are perfect travel and adventure companions so Quoi is certainly living his best life with mom.

From the time Quoi was just a pup, he began adventuring so you could say it’s now in his blood. He’s probably explored more of the country than most people dream of. There are pictures of him in the mountains, exploring valleys, enjoying the snow, and visiting the beach.

If you want to see more of his great pictures and learn more about him, including checking out his DNA results, head on over to Instagram. But before you do, please share this unique dog with your family and friends.