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Rescue Of A Abandoned Puppy With A Major Wound Living With Maggots, Without Food or Water!

Kokkachi volunteers went there on someone informs and found the poor dog; they quickly returned to the shelter and got everything they needed, such as clothes, milk, bags, and so on, writes xaga

The little dog, on the other hand, saw the movement of many people and was afraid to [] in the cave; perhaps he had seen many bad things and was afraid that it was the ba.d guys trying to catch him.


Volunteers poured milk into a bowl and left it outside the cave. The puppy emerged from the burrow after a few hours, possibly due to hunger. With wooden blocks, volunteers quickly closed the cave door.

The cave was enormous, and catching him took a long time. Fortunately, he ended up in the rescue bag. They apprehended the puppy, bandaged the wound, and transported it to a Calicut veterinary clinic.

They took him to the hospital, but the veterinary hospital was closed due to the holiday. They eventually found a kind doctor who agreed to treat him, Dr. Shihabudheen, who performed all of the treatments for free. He is extremely compassionate and kind.

They made the decision to keep the small dog at Kokkachi’s shelter. And he will now be a member of the Kokkachi family. He is well fed and cared for, and most importantly, he is loved.

The puppy is quickly recovering, that he has a lot of energy and that he has begun playing. The entire shelter staff fell in love with him the moment they saw him, and they believe he will soon leave the shadows of his past and live a happy life.

The puppy has such lovely eyes. He’s overjoyed now, with endless hugs and kisses!

Thank you for caring so much to save this little innocent puppy.

We hope he finds a forever-loving home with food and water! 🏡❤

What a beautiful wee puppy someone has done this to poor wee soul wicked getts so glad he’s been rescued and getting all the care now and nursed back to health god bless 🙌 him