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Rescued Pitbull Waits For Help Before She Delivers Her Overdue Puppies

Chris and Marissa were meant to be. They both loved dogs. So, when they met, they shared something not everyone whom they had relationships with in the past could understand. Which was their deep commitment to rescuing dogs.

When they decided to rescue another dog from the overcrowded shelter, they wished they could save them all. But they knew that was impossible, so they’d have to settle for choosing just one.

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Overwhelmed with all the pit bulls that were at the shelter, they decided to give one a forever home. Wanting to help a misunderstood breed, they started looking for the one that would fit into their home.

Marissa had promised Chris that they would only choose one dog from the shelter that day. But when she came across the one that needed them the most, it was clear to them both that there would be a problem keeping that promise.

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The dog’s name was Story, and she was very pregnant. She had been dumped by a backyard breeder. The vet at the shelter said she was pregnant with 6 puppies that had been due a week prior.

When Story looked into Marissa’s eyes, Marissa knew they had to help her even though they didn’t know how they’d do it. If they took Story home, they would have 17 dogs. That was far too many so they decided to foster her until a home could be found for her and the puppies.

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But they were also concerned about her late due date-are Story and her puppies okay? Once they got Story out of the shelter, they quickly took her to the vet where she had an ultrasound. The vet was shocked to see that Story wasn’t pregnant with six puppies as the shelter suggested, she was pregnant with twelve!

Shocked but determined, they took Story home and planned to return to the vet if Story didn’t give birth within 48 hours. The couple made Story a nursery and tried to help the pup feel as comfortable as possible. When they went to bed that night, they had no idea that Story would give birth in the privacy of her nursery.

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But when they woke up, twelve newborn puppies and their momma greeted them. Story just needed a safe and loving place to deliver her puppies that was far away from the uncomfortable shelter.

Now that she felt safe and protected, Story was able to give birth in peace. Story was a good momma and their story soon spread and all the puppies were given to new homes at ten weeks old.

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Story also found a new forever home of her own. A man who heard her story fell in love with her and adopted her after all her puppies went to their new homes. Giving Story’s story, a very happy ending.

We hope you enjoyed this precious rescue story. Thanks to the kindness of Chris and Marissa, twelve beautiful puppies and their loving mother all found wonderful homes. Which is what rescued is all about. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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