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She Is Living Her Last Day In The Slaughterhouse After Being Sold. Any Way Out For This Poor Girl?

Meet Zia ! The sadest dog in the world. Her face has been attacked! She was panicking with the scars on her face. Worst of all, she was sold to a slaughterhouse. She is losing everything and waiting painfully in her final days, writes xaga

With a bit of luck, she was saved by Harbin SHS Animal Rescue volunteers.

“We don’t know much right now. The vets are starting her on antibiotics and painkillers.I sat down with her but she jumped straight into the cage. ”

After Two days Vet said “She has a very good appetite. I think she is for sure more alert today. She’s on antibiotics and painkillers. ”

They were slowly and very carefully started cleaning her face. Her smell was very bad but she’s so damn pretty. She’s getting a little better each day.

Zia is doing amazingly. She’s looking so much better. All the stafs in SHS were so happy for this little madam!

Day by day her Skin is healing so well. She is so strong. even she starts smiling.

“Look at her go! She’s looking so amazing! She’s getting big and strong. Her skin is lovely. ”

“Can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks since you came to SHS. She’s like a totally different dog. Well well. Look who also made it! Miss Zia is officially in England!!!! So many happy tears today! ”

Finally the dog who was in the verge of death, starts a new life completely different, full of of happiness and joy.