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Smart Labrador Retriever Pulls His Little Sister Out Of The Pool With A Rope Toy After She Falls In

Labrador retrievers love to swim. They take to water like ducks in a pond but that doesn’t mean they can’t find themselves in need of a helping hand or paw now and then.

Paramedic Aaron Tucker was at his brother’s house in Daytona Beach, Florida taking videos of these two cute yellow lab siblings when the little sister dog gets too close to the edge of the pool and flops in.

Her big brother sees her struggle to get out of the water and springs into action to help her. He quickly gets a tug toy and tosses the end of it to his cute baby sister. Sis struggles to catch the end in her teeth a few times before finally latching on.

Her adorable brother then begins to pull her out of the pool, which is not exactly easy since she’s not a tiny dog. But big bro is up for the challenge and pulls, and pulls, and pulls, until she’s safely out of the water.

The two pups seem very pleased with themselves and the video is super cute. It’s doesn’t seem like it’s the first time these two characters have played this game. However, what is even funnier than the dogs is the hilarious narration taking place in the background.

Mr. Tucker narrates the whole thing, ‘You’re going to grab this thing and then I’m going to pull you out.”

Big brother heaves little sis out of the pool, Mr Tucker says, ‘Oh my god you’re heavy, you got to go on a diet I’m not kidding. “

Once she’s out he says:
‘There you go now you’re safe!’
The video is super fun and Tucker did a great job narrating it. Please share the laughs with your family and friends.