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Stray Dog Keeps Showing Up At The Car Dealership So They Give Him A Job

When this stray dog had nowhere to go, he turned to a car dealership for help. Lucky for him, the caring staff showed him compassion and even gave him a job.


When a stray dog began hanging out at the Hyundai Prime dealership in Brazil, the staff showed the dog mercy and began letting him hang around. It soon became apparent the dog didn’t have a home so they gave him shelter.

It was not long before the staff officially adopted the grateful dog and named him Tucson Prime. The dog seemed to enjoy his new life and quickly settled into to car dealership living.


The happy pup began greeting and interacting with customers. He was so good at it; the car dealership gave him a job! They even had an ID card made for him, complete with the smiling dog’s picture.

The pup could not be happier and the customers love his greetings. So much so that many come back just to say hello and bring him gifts. What a lucky pup to have found his niche in life. He’s so smart; maybe one day he’ll even get a promotion!


Not all stray dog stories have as happy of an ending as this one does. But, this special dog certainly deserves all the love and attention he gets. Despite a rough start in life, he has turned into an amazing dog and is making new friends every day.

It just goes to show what wonderful things stray dogs are capable of once given a chance. Often dogs are limited by only what humans do to them and this dog proves our point.


We think Tucson deserves to be Employee of the Month everyday! Please share his wonderful rescue story with your family and friends.