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Study Shows Dogs’ Heart Rates Increase When Hearing The Words, “I Love You”

How often do you say, “I love you,” to your dog? Well, now you’ll probably want to say it even more. According to a study by the Canine Cottage, dogs seem to understand and react accordingly to those three little words, “I love you.”

According to the study, they attached heart monitors to the dogs and measured their reactions to certain scenarios. What they found was when dogs heard the words, “I love you,” their heart rates increased by 46.2%.

During the study, they also cuddled with the dogs and monitored the dog’s reactions to seeing their humans. Cuddling the dogs had a comforting effect and lowered the dog’s heart rates. When the dogs saw their humans, the dogs got excited and their heart rates increased.

You can compare the study results here:

Hearing the words, “I love you” = 46.2% increase in their resting heart rate
Cuddles = 22.7% decrease in their resting heart rate
Seeing their humans = 10.4% increase in their resting heart rate

Since dogs show love differently than people do and don’t speak our language, they may have a different understanding of the word. However, that doesn’t stop them from experiencing positive emotions and understanding they are adored by their owners.

According to behavioral experts, dogs return that love, trust and devotion by:

• Giving licks and kisses
• Cuddling up close
• Happily greeting us
• Wagging their tail
• Begging for attention
• Sharing their toys
• Being vulnerable and laying on their back
• Being protective
• Jumping up to get closer
• Stealing our stuff
• Coming to us for help when they’re sick or in pain

The results of this study probably don’t come as a surprise to pet owners since most of us know our dogs seem to understand how much we love them. However, the results now prove that we’re not crazy for talking to our dogs – it is actually good for them.

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