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Sweet Dog Pets All The Other Dogs At Doggy Day Care Just Like She’s A Human

All pups like to get pets from their humans but this sweet dog takes it to the next level. She likes to show her love to the other dogs at her doggy day care by petting them just like she’s a person.

Her name is Ruby and she regularly attends the Den Doggy DayCare in Burlington, Ontario with her brother Miles. The pup siblings are happy German shorthaired pointers who love to play and make friends with the other dogs.

Ruby, however, is especially outgoing and can’t keep her paws off the other pups. She loves to greet her friends by stroking and patting them. Apparently, it’s her own cute way of saying “hi friend, I’m happy to see you!”


Sometimes this type of behavior can be a sign of dominance but not for Ruby. It’s just her way of being friendly and greeting the other dogs in a gentle and loving way. It’s as if she wants to show them how much she enjoys their company.

The day care says that some dogs seem confused when Ruby gives them gentle strokes but they put up with it anyway. Alanah Lorraine, who also takes her dog named Lexy to the day care, noticed Ruby’s affectionate behavior a few months ago, she said:

“She does it every time she is in,” Lorraine told The Dodo. “We think she wants attention!”


“Most dogs aren’t bothered by it and just let it happen,” Lorraine also said.

Because Ruby’s behavior was so adorable, Lorraine compiled some of the sweet moments and posted them on Tik Toc, where she quickly received thousands of likes. About the video she said:

“I thought it would be adorable, but I never imagined it would go viral.”


Ruby is more than adorable and her doggy friends are lucky to have a special friend in her. Please share her sweetness with all your friends and show the world what love looks like.