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The Dog Was Motionless In A Puddle On The Side Of The Road When Help Finally Arrived

As cars sped by, the little tan dog lay in a puddle on the side of the highway until finally, someone cared enough to stop.

It was raining and the roads were wet as the cars sped by. Puddles had collected on the side of the highway when a driver noticed a little tan dog laying in a puddle on the side of the road. Sensing the dog needed help, the driver turned his car around and stopped to check on the dog.

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As he walked toward the dog, he realized the dog was still alive but not moving. It was as if he had given up. Thinking the dog was in pain, he pleaded with the pup not to bite him while he inspected his limp body looking for injuries.

He lifted the dog to his feet, but the poor dog’s back end was too weak or injured to hold himself up. Cars continued to pass while the man got a crate out of his car and carefully lifted the dog and placed him inside.

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He drove the dog to the vet, where the dog had a full exam to check for internal injuries. From the looks of the pup, they were now calling Maddox, it appeared he’d been hit by a car and would need surgery to repair his spine, so they referred him to a specialist.

Thankfully, the man took Maddox to the specialist for surgery, which they thought was the best chance of recovery for the sweet dog. Once there, he had an exam and was taken right in for a spinal cord operation.

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The special pup made it through the surgery and then slept for two days! On the third day, it was time to see if he had regained any feeling in his legs and if he’d be able to walk again or if he’d need a wheelchair.

Sadly, it was too soon to tell, and it looked like Maddox would have a long road to recovery. After many weeks, he is still fighting to walk. Our thoughts are with the pup and hope that he gets full use of his legs again. Keep on fighting Maddox, the vet thinks you can make it!

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No matter what Maddox’s future holds, he is in good hands and will either be running on his own or using a wheelchair for mobility. He’s such a lucky dog that someone cared enough to help him.

All dogs deserve a guardian angel to help them along the way. It’s heartbreaking to see them suffer but at least this one found his. We hope you enjoyed his rescue story. As always, please share with your friends.

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