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The Skinniest Husky Transforms Into A Something Beautiful Inside And Out

This husky was just skin and bones when his owner surrendered him to the vet. It was unfathomable that the dog could reach this place when he had an owner at home that was supposed to love and care for him.

His owner wanted him euthanized but fortunately, that plan wasn’t okay with the vet. So, an animal rescue was contacted, and they agreed to give the poor pup a chance at recovery and life.

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Despite his poor health, Ryker was a sweet dog and was soon placed into a caring foster home. It was there he went from being on the brink of death, starving, and suffering from mange, to taking his first tentative steps toward recovery.

In the hands of his foster family, Ryker showed them he had a strong will to live. He even started talking like all typical huskies and once he did, he never stopped. And even though he was still severely underweight, he continued to try to get stronger.

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Before long, thanks to lots of love, vet care, and food, Ryker was acting like a typical husky. He was a pushy, demanding, goofy, loving, tenacious, resilient, ray of sunshine, and the goofiest dog his foster family ever met.

After a few months, he was on the mend and really enjoying life. Then the best thing happened. He got a forever family of his own complete with a best new husky friend to play with all day long!

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Because of all the patience and hard work of his vet and foster family, Ryker survived unimaginable neglect. He is lucky to be alive and thrived in the care of his loving foster family, who hated to see him go to his forever home but knew it was for the best.

Ryker’s leaving was always meant to be and soon he was settled into his new home. Never would he suffer from the abuse he received at the hands of his previous owner. Now he belonged to people who would always love him.

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Ryker’s transformation is truly remarkable and a testament to his strong will to live. Thankfully, he never gave up and his vet saw something in him that was worth saving. Today, he is a happy husky enjoying his best life with a great family all his own.

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