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These Dogs Were So Neglected, Rescuers Couldn’t Tell What Breed They Are But Their Transformations Look Amazing

Our friends at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the RSPCA, have proved once again that they’re everyday heroes who see our animal companions as our equals, not our lessers, writes boredpanda

Members of the RSPCA rescued 30 dogs from kennels outside a property in Skegness, in Lincolnshire. The animals were neglected so badly, that you couldn’t tell what breed they were because of their matted fur, some of which was covered in feces. According to the RSPCA, the former owner agreed to sign the pets over to the RSPCA for care where they are now undergoing rehabilitation until they’re ready to find their new forever homes.

The state of the dogs reduced some of the members to tears. Have a look at how much the RSPCA and the vets helped the poor dogs out. If you live in the UK, dear Pandas, consider supporting the organization however you can, whether financially or with your time.

A representative of the RSPCA told Bored Panda that emergency de-matting took place “all day on the first day the dogs were rescued.” And, since then, a team of two to three people spent every day working on the dogs: from taking off even more matts to bathing and grooming them. “We have been overwhelmed with interest in these dogs and would point people to the RSPCA’s Find a Pet website if they are interested in adopting.”

The RSPCA rescued 30 neglected dogs and de-matted their fur so they could move without pain

“This is not an everyday type of rescue but sadly due to a demand for adopting dogs—especially puppies during lockdown—we have seen a rise in unlicensed puppy farms and because of this we do seem to be rescuing neglected dogs in groups more,” the member of the RSPCA team told us.

Bored Panda also enquired to learn more about the owner, but the RSPCA explained that they can’t discuss that particular case further “for GDPR reasons,” even though the dogs were signed over into their care. So whatever your thoughts about the previous owner, dear Pandas, keep in mind that we don’t know (and currently can’t know) the entire situation. It may have been purposeful neglect or the situation might be far more complicated.

The RSPCA reports that all of the rescued dogs were crossbreeds, including variations of the German Shepherd, Dachshund, Toy Poodle, and Yorkshire Terrier breeds.

Ella Carpenter, the RSPCA manager of the Radcliffe Animal Center explained in their post: “Clearly the dogs had been neglected for a significant amount of time and required their coats to be completely shaved and urgent dentals to be carried out. They were unrecognizable as to their breeds. One dog was in such a state she had pus leaking from her mouth. It was so upsetting to see, it reduced the rescue staff to tears.”

Carpenter said that de-matting the dogs and removing most of their overgrown fur has given them “a new lease on life” since they can now move about freely without experiencing pain.

“We’ll continue to regularly bathe them to help improve their skin condition and we will spend the coming weeks rehabilitating them and will give them lots of care and attention so when we are ready to re-home the dogs we can match them with a perfect future owner.”